diaster drill help needed

  1. Hey everyone. I am new to position of staff development and am responsible for filling in the gaps in education with my staff. This icon really shows how I feel !

    next week we are having a disaster drill. Here is my problem, I am NEW to position and I don't think this facility has had an in service in 2 or 3 years. (Seriously) So, I am prepared for it to go totally horrible.

    My question is what things do I need to assess for, as far as employee education needs.

    Here is our scenario. H20 tank in kitchen explodes. There will be injuries, deaths and evacuations.

    Oh this is a long term care nursing facility.

    And also, if anyone knows of any good resources for teaching please let me know. I am so new to position and have had no "staff development" myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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