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  1. 0 I am an RN, working as a tech officer in a faculty's clinical nursing laboratory in Brisbane, Aust. The labs set-up simulated clinical classes for skills dvpt, predominantly pre-registration students. Qld has established a State-wide group of lab staff. We wish to extend our network to any other similar staff for information, hot tips, collegiality, and fun of course. Are there any of you out there who could refer us to some new contacts? We have already made a UK contact - a future goal, apart from establishing a national focus, is an international network of clinical lab activities' coordinators. Thankx, ams.
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    I am a nursing eduactor at Community College and teach the fundamentals course. Would love to hear what your up to and share what we are up to.
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    Thanks for your reply, and many apologies for the delay in my reply, ccolt. Where is your faculty located? How many students do you support? Is your faculty interested in an international link with our group? My best response re the QNLG is please visit us at as this will tell you better who and where we are, and a small insight into what we do. Should you have email facility, please feel free to contact me by email. Again, apologies for my delay in reply, personal difficulties arose.

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