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Challenge of Medications Administration Course for LPN's

  1. 0 Has anyone moved from a state not requiring a medications card with their license to a state that does require one and took the medications exam to challenge? I am looking to do this and was wondering the difficulty of the exam. Should I take a medications refresher couse before taking the challenge?
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    Althoguh I have not had that difficulty since my school provided the certification as part of the training, I would advise you to take a refresher course.

    The rationale behind that staement is this when you go to challenge the course you will have aone or a limited number of oppurtunities to pass the clinical and written test. Fail one aspect during the clinical and it is all over. I mean they are looking to fail you when you take the testing! I would invest in a refresher course just to fresh your skills, get CEU's, and pass the examinations. I know for me even having had the class 11 years ago and practicing during the intrim , I would be challenged to pass. So many new drugs and such, as well as doing every part of the clinical exactly like they want it, and not has I have been conditioned to doing to expedite my duties, I would probably fail! It is IMHO that you should consider taking the class instead. I mean if you usually pre pull your meds a No-No by the standards as set forth by the cert. agency, I am sure you can think of other things too!

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