Can I really do this???

  1. :uhoh21: :uhoh21: on a whim, i inquired about an adjunct clinical position. a classmate of mine mentioned that were really having trouble filling the position, and would consider a "msn in progress" candidate (as they asked her, but she had to decline). i have a year (from may) until i finish. so i e-mailed my resume, got an immediate response, and they want to meet w/ me!! 2 little things i should point out (that concern me): 1) this is the school i graduated from (adn program), and 2) the clinical assignment is med/surg. i did 1.5 yrs of med/surg (and adult homecare for 3 yrs), but for the last 5 yrs, i've been in peds. i'm trying to convince myself that with some refreshing, i can handle the med/surg population. but will they be convinced? i work in peds oncology, which is pretty intense. the complications that arise involve almost every organ system, and i do feel my m/s experience has tied in to this very much.

    another thing is, i don't want to be so obvious about my lack of experience, but i have a lot of questions, basically having to do with the expectations of the students, and the way in which they are formally evaluated. are they going to expain all of this to me? am i going to know exactly what they are learning in their lectures? i'm sure the answer to this is 'it depends on the school', but any feedback would be appreciated (also, other questions i should be asking). thanks guys.
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