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  1. using the genetics/genomics competency center (g2c2)
    monday, june 7 from 1:00-2:00 pm est

    presenter: jean jenkins, phd, rn, faan, senior clinical advisor, national human genome research institute, nih

    to address the growing need for genetic and genomic knowledge among health care professionals, the national human genome research institute, part of the national institutes of health, has launched an online tool to help educate the next generation of nurses and physician assistants. the genetics/ genomics competency center (g2c2) is a free, web-based repository of curricular materials on genetics and genomics that educators may access to assist in the instruction of nursing and physician assistant students on this important topic. join dr. jenkins as she reviews features of g2c2, demonstrates how to navigate the website, and answers questions related to the use of this unique resource.

    at nih, dr. jenkins co-chairs the initiative that has defined the essential genetic/genomic competencies for all nurses. dr. jenkins has co-authored three nursing texts, including jenkins, j. & lea, d. (2005). nursing care in the genomic era: a case based approach. boston: jones and bartlett publishers.

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    please direct any questions about this webinar to aacn's director of faculty programs laura petri at lpetri@aacn.nche.edu.
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