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  1. 0 I'm just wondering why there's not more stuff concerning staff development on this site!! I know there's a lot of us, where are the rest of you hiding? Or are you just too tired to post (lol)? I would like to brainstorm with you!
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    Hi KimmyLPN. I am Lynn. You said you would like to brainstorm with someone in Staff Development. I am also looking for someone to share info with.
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    My name is Bev and I am the staff development nurse. I am in charge of all the regularly scheduled in-services, 1:1, and "hurry and in-service the nurses and aides on this, please!" I work in a 105 bed LTCF. I also do quite a few other jobs such as infection control, nurse aide training classes, etc. I have been in this position for about a year and a half and would love to share ideas, with others in the same position. Trying to make it FUN is the hardest job and I am always looking for new ideas. Let's get something going here and share ideas. Let's have some fun and share ideas!! Who else is out there??????? BEV
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    Well Bev that sounds like what I do but we only have 32 beds (and a swing bed and tiny hospital attached)...I also do ADON duties as we're so small we don't have one...we never had an SDC before I came along...They just had to do it to keep the DON here longer than a month! Anyway, let's talk!
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    Because I am the infection control nurse, I do a lot of in-serving about that. I have a little carry-tote thing that I have loaded with penny candy and index cards. When I have time, I just walk down the hall and of course, everyone wants candy. They have to draw a card and answer a question and then get candy. When we are anticipating survey, the aides are getting all nervous about what state will be asking them, so I do up lots of questions about abuse, fire, resident's rights, etc and include them. They are calmer knowing the answers (which are usually there anyway, but stuck in their heads when they get nervous. BEV
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    oooh good ideas already....
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    I am new to the Staff Development field. I have been working with psychiatry and corrections for the past 8 years. I just accepted a Staff Development Coordinator position this morning and now I am having some "jitters". I will do okay but have never been involved in staff development before. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or just plain old advice for a new comer? Thank you.
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    Hi! I work SD in psychiatry as well... but as a trainer ( I guess it is ok for me to reply) not the Coordinator... CONGRATS Best of Luck!!!

    My advice learn your training budget fast....

    Also if you are new to allnurses do a search. I've gotten alot of great resourse info from this thread as well as others

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    Quote from NurseKimberley
    I'm just wondering why there's not more stuff concerning staff development on this site!! I know there's a lot of us, where are the rest of you hiding? Or are you just too tired to post (lol)? I would like to brainstorm with you!
    I am new to SD so I could use someone to bounce ideas off of too. Let me know.
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    Hey fellow staff developers! I am somewhat new to this also and would love to brainstorm with you! As soon as I find something worth sharing, I will!
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    if you have not already joined NNSDO I recommend it. Their e-newsletter alone is valuable, but so are the other resources.

    I stay in touch with various vendors (get their names from materiels management). They provide free education materials and sometimes underwrite activities or provide meals.

    Get on all sorts of committees so you can learn what is going on and what needs to be communicated with the staff. Many confuse awareness with education, but I try to do both so to keep my position visible.
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    That's a wonderful idea. I keep candy free for all and it is always in my office.
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    I am so busy in my job as staff development and infection control. I lost my motive to keep it fun. I feel burnt out right now. What do you suggest.