Which job would you choose if you were me?

  1. Hello all-Well, obviously you are NOT me, so I will tell you more about me....40 year old F with previous BS, graduated with ASN (RN) in December 2010. Three children 14, 12 and 9. Husband's job provides enough income- nursing for pleasure and added income. Worked 3 months in a LTAC facility out of school- patient to nurse ratio 4:1- many patient's vented, fistulas, drains, G/PEG tubes, crazy diabetics, CKF, CHF, incontinent, decubs, dementia, pneumonia, sepsis, incontinent, c-diff, coding, crashing, etc. I am moving on and have 3 job interviews. If I got offers for all, which would YOU choose:A.) Post Partum/Mother Baby- PRN Variable (my old unit I worked in as a PCT before nursing school- I like everyone there)B.) Medical Unit- PT DaysC.) Post Surgical Oncology- FT DaysThanks for your thoughts!!!
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  3. by   RNnurse07
    A.) Post Partum/Mother Baby- PRN Variable (my old unit I worked in as a PCT before nursing school- I like everyone there)

    I selected this one because it seems like you already like this position I could be wrong, but you didn't add any comments to the other 2 jobs. It's hard for anyone to say where you should go. My question to you is what environment will you be most happy in???? Post partum mom and baby you know what you will be working with there on a regular basis. Medical unit will have more variety of patients. Post surgical oncology working with cancer patients at all stages new cancer patients to terminal?

    So what will be most fulfilling to you especially since your more in nurse for the pleasure it brings and not the income???
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    Hi RN071 It's true that there is a comfort level to PP- also lower acuity level which I'm looking for after my intense stint at LTAC. Found out that they are looking for mostly evenings and some nights, but have interview this am at 1000 and will find out more. From what I have heard about Medical, its a lot of "lifestyle choice repeats"- ie cirrhosis, COPD, CHF, etc. Not sure about post-surgical oncology. I'm having a hard time b/c I went into nursing I initially wanted to go into L & D. During clinicals got turned on to critical care, but then struggled with it in the "real world" as a new RN. From what I read, it sounds like ANY new RN is going to feel like a fish out of water for at least 6 months if not for their first year. Will let you know how interview goes!!