when to follow up?

  1. I want to start off by saying I am a December ADN new graduate. I had my first job interview Tuesdas so I am new to the whole process. I interviewed with a Nurse Manager for a full time position at a Baltimore hospital. She asked the basic questions and told me a lot about the unit and why they are better than surrounding hospitals. She said they are magnet hospital but they still hire ADNs. I told her I would be returning for my BSN this spring. She told me they needed night nurses, which is perfectly okay with me. She wrote down that I was willing to work nights. She asked if I took boards and said if hired it would be contigent on that and Id probably start March or April if a position is offered. She told me about orientation. She asked if I interviewed anywhere else. I said no. (not sure if I should have lied, because I'm wondering if I look undesirable now?) I then shadowed a nurse on the floor for 2 hours to see "if it was a right fit for me" I told the NM I loved it and I mailed a handwritten thank you card the following day. I wasnt told when Id hear and didnt ask because i didnt know at the time that would be appropriate. When can I call?

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  3. by   Frenchyrn
    Maybe in 2 weeks, just letting them know that you're still interested. However, I wouldn't wait on them but look to interview for other positions. There might be better out there and you won't know til' you explore further. Also, wouldn't tell them that you're planning to go back to school. They won't be paying for it, you're looking for a job and planning to manage your life so all can fit... plus, they might see you as a "temporary" employee. Once you're done, might want to leave...? And to the questions "Have you interviewed anywhere else?" You applied to several places and haven't heard from them yet...
  4. by   future_anesthetist
    In reply to above post: you definitely did the right thing in mentioning your desire for BSN, especially being a magnet status hospital and all. That is what they want, you showing dedication to your chosen profession and your desire to continue your education. Good luck!! Wait two weeks...I'm also in the same boat as you