When should I follow up after a job interview?

  1. 0 I want to start off by saying I am a December ADN new graduate. I had my first job interview Tuesdas so I am new to the whole process. I interviewed with a Nurse Manager for a full time position at a Baltimore hospital. She asked the basic questions and told me a lot about the unit and why they are better than surrounding hospitals. She said they are magnet hospital but they still hire ADNs. I told her I would be returning for my BSN this spring. She told me they needed night nurses, which is perfectly okay with me. She wrote down that I was willing to work nights. She asked if I took boards and said if hired it would be contigent on that and Id probably start March or April if a position is offered. She told me about orientation. She asked if I interviewed anywhere else. I said no. (not sure if I should have lied, because I'm wondering if I look undesirable now?) I then shadowed a nurse on the floor for 2 hours to see "if it was a right fit for me" I told the NM I loved it and I mailed a handwritten thank you card the following day. I wasnt told when Id hear and didnt ask because i didnt know at the time that would be appropriate. When can I call?
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    I'm in a similar situation and I plan to follow up within 5 business days from my interview, which was Friday. I'm not sure of proper etiquette though, so maybe someone else will chime in
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    Good day:

    Send a thank you card or letter the following day mail can go out; you should prepare the thank you after the interview.

    Follow up with a phone call within 5 business days (best case) to no later than 10 business days.

    Thank you.

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