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  1. Hey all, was wondering if anyone here works at the VA Long Beach hospital? I'm considering applying for their ICU. One thing that makes me reluctant is that I've heard they make you work one 8hr shift every other week (so 3 12's and one 8), is that true? Also, is it salary or hourly? Lastly, does ICU have the standard 2:1 ratio? Or does that get thrown out the window at times?
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    this might be a little too late. but let me answer your question, just in-case other people are wondering as well.

    At VALB, they work a total of 80 hours in a 2 week period. so yes six 12 hour shifts + one 8 hour shift. you get paid for every hour you work; however, they like to say they are on salary (though you do get paid for OT)

    The ICU ratio is strictly 2:1
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    Hello. I really want to get hired at the VA hospital in Long Beach, CA and frankly I'm getting anxious. The wait game is getting me all twisted. I recently interviewed almost a month ago and I have not heard back. I called HR and they just said they have not heard back from the hiring managers and added that managers probably have not made a decision yet. I realize this is the VA and a month may not be too long of a wait but is it? As days pass without a call I feel like I didn't get selected. I thought the interview went fairly well. They hit me with couple of zingers that I didn't have the best replies for but I felt they were receptive and engaging with me. At the end of the interview one of the manger said I did well - as to if that was just being nice or I really did, well who really knows. The interview initially started with one nurse manager then after couple of questions, she invited two other managers to continue the interview. Is this a sign? Maybe it was a screening process and if they bring in the other managers then its a positive thing. For those who work for the VA or is familiar with their ways I would love to hear from you!
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    Hello. Maybe you guys can help me. I'm an enlisted Army reservist living in San Antonio Texas. I've been an LVN working in telemetry since 2009. I've also been working as a GS LVN at SAMMC for 2 years now. I will graduate this December with an assocciates degree in nursing (RN). There is a posting for employment for ER-Critical care RN in a VA hospital in Long Beach, CA. The posting states that proffesional nursing experience in an acute care setting is preferred (not listed under requirements). My question is, with veterans preference and LVN experience, am I eligible to apply? Or am I excluded because upon graduation I will be considered a "new nurse"