US resident & foreign citizen: does background check take longer?

  1. I am a US permanent resident with the right to work in the US, but I have lived for 21 years in my home country, which is my country of citizenship. In the US I lived in three states so far.

    When I got hired for my first job in the US (at an assisted living) I had to wait for a month before I could start working, because, I was told, my background check report came in very late. Does anyone have a similar experience? If you've lived abroad for a long time, and lived in several states in the US, do hospitals want reports from all the places where you've lived, including the foreign country?

    What kind of background checks do hospitals run on employees who are foreign citizens? Do they contact the government of that country or just the US Immigration Service ?

    Right now I am waiting for a response from a hospital, with which I had an interview. If the background check comes later than they expect, could that make them eliminate me as a candidate?

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  3. by   dashingdiva
    I kind of in the same situation like you. But in where I have applied, international background check conducted by GIS should take approximately 10 -15 days of completion.. They didnt say anything about it taking a month. It's been a long time since you've posted this, any updates? thanks!