To Pursue Nursing in a 3rd World Country for the Poor

  1. 0 Hello friends.

    I am 37 years old and I have a non-medical background, I am in Canada. It is my wish to dedicate a few years serving the poor and helpless in a 3rd World Country. I have decided to become a nurse and work in some rural hospital. I think it would take 6 years with an RN 4 years and then perhaps 2 years experience to be in a position to work in a 3rd world situation where you are likely dealing with serious cases all the time.

    I am thinking of studying overseas instead, where I could get to the same situation in just three years, with an LPN and two years of more hardore practical experience. Given the non-litigous nature of 3rd world societies, I am under the impression that trainee nurses get a much more real-world nursing experience there then here.

    Can someone please advise.
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