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Would you take a huge paycut and work more hours if there's a chance you would like the job alot more than your current job? I am considering doing this. I am considering taking a massive paycut, which would likely result in... Read More

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    That is great. I guess in my situation I just do not want to work full time. I work 4/wk (8 hr shifts) and they will not let me cut back. So I look at it as needing more time but I do agree that extra money is not worth it when having a terrible job.

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    I'm in the minority here. I took a paycut and went to the M-F full-time schedule as a school nurse where I got summers off! I did it several years why my kids were young but once they got older I went back to the hospital where I'm much happier! I hated the 5 day a week schedule. I love having time off during the week to get a break from work, do errands, do my own thing, go out to lunch with my husband (who also works shift work), etc. I'm actually less stressed because I feel like a rarely work. I can work part-time and make about the same as full-time at the schools. I used to wish for snow days worse than the kids but now I look foward to going to work because I feel like I've been off so much. The schools were much less hectic stress but they were stressful with all the politics with teachers, being bored (not from not having enough to do but from not really feeling like I was using all my skills and not growing), and the lack of respect I got. If I had to do it all over again I would never have even taken that job. I would've just changed positions or hospitals. Don't be afraid to make a change-just realize the grass may not be greener.
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    needshaldol, then you must love you job! Good for you, hard to find a balance btwn money, job and life. Glad you found yours.
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    Anyone in healthcare should know the toll that stress can take on a human being.

    NO amount of money is worth a terrible job. Been there...cost me. Left...happier, healthier.
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    Harley the truth is I do not love my job. I just deal with it the best I can and of course I vent a lot. What keeps me going there is the high pay, the benefits, and most of all my co workers who are my friends. It has become my social life which is sort of sad but we all manage to get in a few laughs which helps. With our EHR, mandatory classes on this, and now new pumps, we are not happy. They have told us to "not nurse the computer; nurse the patient" which cracks us up. Patient satisfaction has gone down the toilet and they do not see that it is because of all the staff take aways. They have lessened the hours of CNA's and given them so many more patients. Such an easy fix but instead they tell us how to script and make patients feel cared for in an almost impossible setting. And of course the top dogs are earning a ton of money.
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    At this moment, I am/ was facing a similar dilemma, OP. After a few weeks of reflection, my options are: remain with a high paying full time position and poor quality of life OR go PRN while facing uncertainty and a pay cut. Money is important, but option B is my choice. I'd rather be happy and make less money for a while. You need to decide if you can afford the pay cut and determine what your values are. Good luck to you, whatever your decision is.

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