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Stupid Interview Questions

  1. 0 I have not worked in about 2 1/2 years as I took time off to care for a sick relative. I have been interviewing for some case management jobs, all of which I am qualified for, but these behavioral/situational interviews are exhausting and seeming a huge waste of time! I mean 3-5 job interviews with different folks, all asking almost the same idiotic questions for each position?

    I think the canned questions I am being asked are so stupid and irrelevant to the positions I'm interviewing for.

    Employers/Nurse Recruiters, Nursing is not rocket science! I do have my BSN and have continued my education throughout my nursing career (I do have 12 years of insurance CM experience, but let my CCM expire-dumb I guess, but I was battling about 70+ceus with CMSA). I will likely re-test for my CM certification in the spring, but at the rate I am going, if I don't get hired soon, I may have to change careers-LOL!

    Is anyone else out there getting frustrated with "the hunt" for a new job?
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    I totally understand your frustrations. I am not nearly as experienced as you, but i just got my frist job as an RN. Getting there was not easy. I had a couple interviews where i felt they were a waste of time and could tell the employer did not want to know who i was and if i would do well with the staff. Rather they wanted me to be on my toes.

    How long have you been looking? Keep your head up. I looked for a really long time and finally i found a place where i felt was a good fit for me and them. It took time but it was worth it!

    good luck!