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I tried to post this before but I think I was unsuccessful. I am new here and I am thinking of changing careers. I already have to bachelor's but social work just doesn't pay the bills. Tired of working two jobs. I want to keep... Read More

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    What made you decide to switch after getting an MSW and already working in the hospital. My close friend just got her MSW and is planning to go to work as a hospital social worker.

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    I decided to switch to nursing before I started working in a hospital. I was working as a Director of an outpatient substance abuse program and made the official decision at that time. I found that I didn't enjoy doing administrative work in social work. Prior to that job, I did direct care, but found myself wanting to be more involved in people's care even then. I spent a lot of time at the hospital when I worked in residential programs for the mentally ill, so a lot of my interests were peaked with those experiences. I took a hospital social work job to see more and get some experience in hospital setting to see if I liked that sort of environment. That sealed it for me.

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    That's one of the main reasons for me switching also. I love direct care but hate administrative work and the direct care stuff just doesn't pay$$$. Thank you for your feedback.

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