Should I work in an outpatient setting as a new grad?

  1. 0 Hello & happy 4th of July weekend! I'm starting in a new grad RN program and had heard about an opportunity in the outpatient care area at the same facility. I don't know much about the job duties & setting at the moment, but might have more info in a few days as I am getting in touch with some RNs there.

    I was slated to begin in the adult med/surg units as a floater and if things work out, would like to eventually work in a telemetry/step-down type of setting. However, I also understand our healthcare system is heading towards outpatient care, which means more growth & opportunities. At the same time I'm cautious about going into outpatient setting right away, as I may lose some bedside skills and would be hard to transition back to inpatient setting if needed. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Any valuable advice & input will be greatly appreciated!
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