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    I gradauted in 1999 with a business degree and have been working temp jobs ever since. I am getting tired of it. I have always been drawn to the medical field. I did get accepted to Villanova University in their Acc. BSN program but turned it down b/c I was unsure. Now, I think I made a big mistake. The main reason I turned it down was b/c I would have to leave my hubby. He can't leave his job b/c of a green card thing. We are thinking of moving now to Portland, Oregon and they have a great school ( top ten) up there. They have an BSN accel program and a direct entry master's program. I think I want to go for nursing but unsure about which program. I would wait a year until I get in state tuition rates. Can anyone tell me of their expereinces when deciding to go for nursing? Which other careers where you in? Thanks

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