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  1. I am brand new to this forum, and like most people i need help. I got accepted to Rutgers University School of arts and sciences in Fall 2011 and plans to be a nurse. Stupid of me, i took heavy classes like Gen. chem. and gen. Bio at the SAME TIME. Now i'm failing Gen. Bio and Plan to drop it. My advisors tell me that it's okay to drop it even though i plan to be a nurse. Is this true? I talked to the advisor of Rutgers College of Nursing for the same thing and she said it's okay. Also if i don't get in to college of nursing in my sophomore year. I'm thinking of trying the Accelerated BS in Nursing for second degree students. In that case what major should i choose to increase my chances of getting accepted? My second plan is to major education if everything does not work-out.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated specially those who have taken or taking the same program.

    Very Respectfully,
    A confused student.
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    I know it is late now, but for school-to-school transfers they just look at your gpa- so dropping shouldn't be an issue. Nursing students don't have to take general biology or general chemistry, so your specific classes do not matter, just that you make the 3.2 to apply. However they have a gpa cut-off based on the number who apply. Good luck. I am in a similar situation- a freshman who took unnecessarily difficult classes, but I am apply a few other places too just in case. Other people have posted about the absn program so maybe search it?
    Good luck.