RPN in ontario canada, havent practiced in 5 years, criminal record q

  1. I was suspended since 08 just paid renewal with the college of nurses of ontario waiting for it, also I am going to have conditions /limits on my practice LONGGGG story and long fight to get my RPN license back for that matter..first of all,,I am not sure if I will have to do a refresher course but i seen that all the requirements is a clear police clearance,, the CNO is aware of my record,, thats why i was put in a misconduct,, but how can they ask me to do a refresher knowing i have a criminal record. I am waiting back for the administration dept from my college to call me back,, as it may just be clinical courses,, if i dont like any that are clinic but theory only maybe i can take them like a pharm course or nursing skills refresher. It going to be along road to finding employment with a record,,years ago when i first graduated no one asked ( long term care homes),, only city owned facilities/hospitals..
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