1. 0 Has anyone taken the Capscare RN Refresher live theory and clinical recently and can tell me how it went? I went to visit the site and was treated very rudely by the receptionist not to mention that it looked a little shabby and they were unable to provide me with a brochure or course schedule. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi colleagues,
    I am a registered nurse for over 20 years and have been away from the clinical setting for 7 years. I do want to go back to the hospital setting, but here in Miami Florida all hospitals are asking for recent clinical skills. I signed up for a RN refresher /clinicals course in Miami Dade College and they canceled the class today due to having only 3 students enrolled. I don’t understand why because the entire cost including clinicals at Jackson Memorial hospital on weekends is only 750.00 that is very cheap compare to what I have been reading form the comments. Does anybody know any RN refresher course in Miami, FL or even Broward FL, but it needs to have the clinicals? I don’t know what else to do. It is sad that there are so many colleges and schools offering nursing classes and nobody has a good refresher course for seasonal nurses like me who wants to return to the hospital setting. Please I need an advice? Thanks Ivonne

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