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RN job market in Milwaukee

  1. 0 I am relocating to the Milwaukee area and am wondering what the pay rate range is for three years' experience. I am also wondering about the overall job market. I have been working in hospice for two years and would be open to staying in that field or trying another area of nursing. Are there jobs available? What can I expect to make? Thanks!
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    I would also like to know, I am moving to Milwaukee in a few months.
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    If you post this on the Wisconsin nursing section you would get more response.
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    I'm in the Milwaukee area.

    There are jobs since we have several large hospital systems, also several hospice choices.

    Aurora Health Care starts new nurses out at 25/hr, and goes up from there
    Columbia St Mary's is 26 or 27
    And I'm not sure about Wheaton Franciscan

    We have Horizon hospice, I know a friend of a friend that works per diem there and I think it's about 33/hr but I'm not 100% sure.

    I'm on the north end of the area in a suburb and I started as an Rn in June at my preferred hospital with my ADN.
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    With three years of experience you can expect around $26-28/hour plus shift diff in the hospital, LTC $25, home health $26-28 hourly, clinic $26-28

    Hope you enjoy Milwaukee! There are lots of RN job options here!
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    By the way Horizon home health pays per visit, not hourly. They are just an OK company to work for. Allay home health, Seasons hospice both have great reputations!