RN-BSN online... problem getting into grad school? RN-BSN online... problem getting into grad school? | allnurses

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RN-BSN online... problem getting into grad school?

  1. 0 Hi guys. I am planning on getting my BSN online and I want to go to grad school to become a nurse practitioner or a PA. Does anyone know if I will have trouble getting into any grad school because I got my BSN online?
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    Grad schools look at your essay, GPA, recommendations, and GRE scores (if applicable). Sometimes, other there are other criteria, such as a portfolio of your writing.

    If you are above the threshold of the grad schools' criteria, you should be competitive enough. So, do well in your studies. It does not matter that you get your BSN online. Just make sure the school/program is accredited.

    PA schools have slightly (maybe) differing requirements. I have not looked at their requirements, so I do not know off the top of my head.

    Eventually, you should pick which route you want to take. Do you want to become an NP or a PA? But regardless, do well in your current studies and then look in to the schools' requirements and adhere to them.

    Good luck.