Returning after 4 year hiatus

  1. I would LOVE advice on returning after a 4 year hiatus after starting a family.

    My kiddos are 1.5 and 3 and I am ready to go back to work part-time. I've had a little interest from a local hospital that said I'd probably either need to do their New Grad Residency or take a refresher course. I'm totally on board with either of these options.

    My previous experience is 1.5 years of a cardiac ICU and 1 year of high-risk OB.

    I'm SO excited to go back, but I am so nervous. As I've started a little studying on my own, I've realized how much I've forgotten. Is this like riding a bike and the skills and information will come back to me? Would I be safe to re-enter with a new-grad program or do I need a refresher course. Even with a refresher course will I get hired?

    Frustrated, excited, and overwhelmed.

    I'd love any advice!
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