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Resume help please!

  1. 0 Hi all!

    I'm currently at my very first job as an RN, and unfortunately like many new nurses I'm planning on leaving this one and going on to something I feel is more up my ally, especially since I have experience in it. (Moving from oncology bedside to psych [hopefully at the VA])

    Since I don't have much experience I was hoping y'all could help me edit my updated resume. Should I add a skills list? Thanks in advance!

    p.s. Sorry if the format came out funky.

    2012 to current
    Hospital A City, State
    Registered nurse, leukemia specialty unit
    • Introduce and guide newly diagnosed leukemia patients to cancer care treatment
    • Successfully manage a 3-4 patient load and while administering medications, blood products and chemotherapy in a timely manner
    • Educate patients and families about the cancer care process, medications, procedures, and equipment
    • Thoroughly assess patient's current physical and mental condition and analyze their history while monitoring for any changes
    2010 to 2012
    Psych Clinic A
    City, State
    Psych Tech

    • Managed the milieu of patients suffering from OCD and/or other anxiety disorders
    • Conducted exposure therapy with patients and carried out treatment plans created by the therapists
    • Developed trust and rapport with patients
    2008 to 2010
    Psych Clinic B City, State
    Psych Tech
    • Responsible for providing the closest level of care to clients presenting with a plethora of diagnoses ranging from anxiety disorders, depression and substance abuse to axis II disorders under the supervision of Registered Nurses
    • Provided therapeutic support to patients in times of distress
    2003 to 2007
    Community Center
    City, State
    After school tutor

    april 2012

    bachelor of science in nursing

    may 2008
    School A

    School B
    City, State

    City, State
    bachelor of science in psychology
    - Dean's List Fall 2006
    American Heart Association BLS- Expires November 2014