Resume Advice & Critique, Please!

  1. I have had one job since nursing school, and now I'm ready to move on. This is my first resume since I've gained professional experience. I am seeking a job in a clinic setting, possibly solely geriatric, or one dealing with all age groups. Keeping all of this in mind, can anyone with knowledge of resumes let me know how to improve mine? I feel like I am a good candidate, I'm just not getting that across. Any & all tips appreciated! Be as specific as possible, please. Thanks to anyone who is able to offer assistance.

    Summary of Qualifications
    Registered nurse with over three years experience providing acute care in a hospital setting to a diverse group of patients.

    Professional Experience
    Anonymous Hospital, Location June 2006 - present
    Staff RN, Medical-Surgical/Telemetry Unit
    * Accountable for providing and organizing care for a group of five to six patients each shift in a 34-bed unit.
    * Have experience working with and providing age-appropriate care to adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient populations.
    * Care for patients with a variety of diagnoses, including: cardiac, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions. Provide post-operative care for patients who've undergone general surgical, orthopedic, and gynecological surgeries.
    * Attend continuing education seminars and classes to improve my ability to practice in my chosen field. Successfully completed ECG interpretation course within six months of hire at Anonymous Hospital, and obtained advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification.
    * Responsible for providing patient and family teaching. Have provided instruction on insulin injections, home care of tube feedings, and specific procedures and diagnostic tests such as non-treadmill stress tests.
    * Perform a variety of skills, and have experience with IV access, wound care, and EKG strip interpretation and monitoring.


    Anonymous School of Nursing, Location
    Bachelor's of Science in Nursing June 2006
    [Locally Well known] Scholarship Recipient

    Leadership Experience & Honors

    * Primary Medical-Surgical unit preceptor 2007 - present
    o Provide clinical guidance and instruction to new graduate RNs for a period of two to three weeks. Responsibilities include providing one to one supervision for all patient care, participating in weekly meetings with management in order to assess progress and establish weekly goals, and tailoring the clinical experience for the unique needs of the individual RN.
    * Employee of the Month Anonymous Hospital October, 2008
    * Member, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing, inducted June 2006

    Licensure & Certification

    RN License, State of Anonymous, Active
    Current BLS Certification
    Current ACLS Certification
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