relocating to charlotte/matthews NC.....NICU/PICU RN

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    I am currently a NICU nurse with 1 year and 6 months experience ( so relatively new) I love my job, also love picu. Unfortunatley, it is looking like my husband is going to be transfered for work to the Charlotte or Matthews, North Carloina area. I am wondering how difficult it will be for me to find an opening in nicu/picu there. Also curious about the average starting base rate for this area. All advice is appreciated
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  3. by   dnnc52
    You have Presbyterian, Carolinas Healthcare Services, Gastoinia Hospital and Lake Norman, of al the hospitals I always preferred Northeast Medical Center which has always be a progressive nurse oriented hospital. It had a magnet status for a few years. But since then has been absorbed by CHS. We use to have as nurses a selection and they facilities would negotiate and tryn to win you over. But since the super service take over we have lost a lot of our edge. Pick wisely, don't set yourself for failure. Chances are you are worth more then they are willing to pay. It's a right to work state, unions are tx like the anti-Christ in this reqion. Social wise Charlotte has a nice arts district, a bit lean on the music side,great food and plenty of proximity to both the ocean and mountains. People are laid back, some class snobiness as in anywhere else. GREAT WEATHER! plenty of real estate live outside of Charlotte and save $$$$. Sportsfans love Charlotte, Football,baseball,basketball, and Nascar. School systems are regional. Don't sign the first job offer look around and visit before you determine to settle down... Hope this helps....
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  4. by   kat,rn
    Thanks for the advice. Do you know what the current hiring status is like for prysbyterian and caolina healthcare system? The hospital I am currently at is actually having a hiring freeze.
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    well this time of year a lot of new students will be hitting the work force. less money,some will be paying off the loans with a few who,made payback deals with some of the hospitals. All these hospital are warm body census staffing. In other words exp does not make it a lot of difference as far as negotiating for better wages or does it usally give you the edge. But like I said before don't rushn figure out your options. Even Rock Hill SC is close to this region as well as Hickory NC. Don't fall prey to the thinking that the larger system can offer you more. Some of the smaller hospital have their incentives as well. Watch out for the sign on bonus scams. If you do take them place the $$ in the bank until you are sure you will be satisfied. otherwise you will have to pay it all back if you do not met the obligations and end up paying out. Still this is not as dismal as all may sound. There is still good oppurtunity in this area you just got to be patient...the weather here is great