1. Attention all nurses, PLEASE!!

    Look at what ForMoe posted on another Forum here at wwnurse:

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    posted November 23, 1999 08:35PM
    RED ALERT---Call/E-mail everyone!!!
    ABC 20/20 story is on for Nov 26th

    as told to me by Silvia Johnson herself

    Pass it on

    Read this from Silvia;

    Thanks. I hope a lot of people will see the story. The AHA president is
    already doing damage control -- interestingly, not by alleging that our
    story is wrong. That would be a stretch, given the number of nurses I've
    heard from.
    Sylvia Johnson
    ABC 20/20

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    posted November 24, 1999 04:04 PM
    Whoo Hoo!
    Everyone set their alarms and their VCR's!

    I wouldn't dream of missing this show!

    Thank you to ForMoe!

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  3. by   barton
    Hi All!

    Please Go to (ANA site) and they have a good story there about the 20/20 show. (Better explanation than I could give you :-)

    Also, please go to and post on the message boards about this program.....I'd LOVE to see them do frequent updates on this!
    I don't think that they conveyed the urgency of this problem or how long it's been going on.

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    Founder, CNG
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