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Questions about career options-research opportunities

  1. 0 I start my two years of clinical in January ADN program. I have been working in the medical research area since my graduation from college in 1988. I have a B.S. in Biology currently. Will I need to do med-surg nursing after graduation for a year before I can do research nursing? Will I need a BSN or will my combination RN/B.S. be enough?

    Bio Rn (to be someday)
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    Depends on the research!

    If you want to do pharmaceutical trials, you do not need a BSN.

    If you are doing some kind of specialty research (say, microbiology, epidemiology, etc) then you might need a higher degree.

    I have never worked a hospital floor outside of nursing school. I have only done research studies.
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    Thanks research rabbit. I am glad that a BSN is not required. I hope I make it through nursing school. As my first semester of full time nursing school approaches I am getting more nervous about my leaving my research job behind.

    BioRN (to be)
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    Hi Research Rabbit,
    I'm a pre-nursing student finishing up my pre-reqs this semester. Your post caught my interest. Could you share what type of company you work for and how you got involved with working in research. It sounds like something I might really be suited for.
    Thank you in advance,
    Curious and exploring options,
    Red S.