Psychiatrists vs. Psych NP

  1. Im new here and hav been lurkin around readin previous threads and i decided to join since u guys seem like a supportive community. So here's the deal: my goal is to be a a child psychiatrists HOWEVER i stumbled across a thread that said that the roles of psychiatrists and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners( PMHNP)were similar. That to me was stunning considering how long one has to go to school to become a psychiatrist. I has been doing alot of thinking about my future. Like when I would want to start a family and becoming a psychiatrist would be a serious commitment. In a few weeks i will start my 1st year of college to get my BSN. Many people have suggested that i go for a different major since psychiatry would require me to go to med school. But I know that I love nursing. but Ive always had a thing for psych and mental health. Money is not my main motive but I would like to be doing something I love and being paid well to do so. Also when I do job searches the outlook for psychiatrists seem far better than for PMHNP's ( i stay in georgia.) Ive Also heard about the sometimes uncomrftable feeling of having a doctor over you and that the doctor has the last word???

    So really my questions are:

    Why choose psychiatry over becoming a PMHNP and vise versa?

    How long and what is the process to becoming an PMHNP?

    P.s Ive been also been thinking about becoming a Certifed Nursing Assistant and workin part time (atleast while im doing my core classes.) Do you think that would also give me a upper hand in getting into the actual nursing program once i finish my core classes and have a high gpa?

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