Preceptors or Experienced Nurses please help with my project on New Grads!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a student in an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program at Georgetown University and I am working on a small project on the experiences of new grads. I'm looking for some opinions, from preceptors as well as more experienced nurses and would appreciate anyone that is able to answer some questions. Feel free to PM me. Anonymous.

    1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself: What type of education program did you complete? BSN, ADN, Second degree, etc. How long have you been a nurse? a preceptor? What's you specialty/department/postion?
    2. A brief overview of your hospital's orientation process
    3. What qualities enable an orientee to be successful?
    4. What are the biggest challenges/stumbling blocks they face?
    5. What is your biggest challenge in teaching them?
    6. What do you wish schools would teach them?
    7. What differences do you find, if any, among orientees from different types of programs? (BSN, ADN, CNA or Paramedic to RN bridge program, etc.
    8. Did you volunteer to precept? What do you enjoy most/least about the experience?
    9. After orientation, are they aqedautely prepared to go it alone?
    10. Any final advice for new grads?

    Any questions you can answer would be great!


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