Please help me with my resume

  1. I made two resumes.... which one is better? What would you change? What would you add? FYI I took off the names of schools, hospitals and companies which would be on my real resume. Thank you in advance for any help... ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A RECRUITER!

    To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse where I can apply my education, utilize my ability to providequality patient care and further develop my nursing skills.Education
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, December2011
    Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology, May2006

    Clinical Experience

    Worked under the supervision of an RN to perform all aspects of the nursing process. Participated in the critical care andtreatment of a diverse population of patients on medical-surgical, cardiac andoncology units, this includes a 180 hour preceptorship on amelanoma/sarcoma unit.

    Critical Competency Integration Hospital Houston,TX

    Adult Health II HospitalHouston,TX
    Pediatrics HospitalHouston,TX
    Mental Health Hospital Houston,TX
    Adult Health I Hospital The Woodlands, TX
    Maternity Hospital Houston,TX
    Clinical Concepts Hospital Houston,TX

    Other Work Experience

    AdministrativeAssistant Company 03/2007 to 05/2008
    l Provided assistance to the SeniorVice President and General Council of Company
    l Developed and maintained records oncompany database ensuring accuracy.
    l Worked in a high stress and fastpaced environment maintaining exceptional customer service

    Student Intern Company
    01/2006 to 05/2006

    l Advanced knowledge on domesticviolence and women in crisis.
    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Formed compassionate caring andrelationship building skills.



    Newly graduated nurse with positive attitude ready to striveto provide compassionate and quality patient care. Friendly, great communication skills and workswell in group environments.


    [FONT=MS Mincho] University

    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Bachelor of Science in Nursing December2011

    [FONT=MS Mincho]University

    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Bachelor of Science in AppliedSociology May2006

    Clinical Experience/Skills

    Critical Competency Integration -Hospital, Houston, TX: One-to-one practicum on a melanoma/sarcoma unit. Cared for four acutely ill patients,performed assessments, evaluations, medication administration (IV,PO,IM),programing pumps, pain management, wound dressing, intake and output, emotional support.

    Adult Health II- Hospital,Houston,TX: ICU, SICU, ER. Cared for criticallyill patients, monitoring vitals, IV insertion, EKG placement, urinary catheterinsertion (male), chest tube monitoring, blood glucose monitoring.

    Pediatrics- Hospital,Houston, TX: NICU, CPS, Pediatric. Tube feedings, tube placement, tracheostomysite care.
    Mental Health- Hospital, Houston, TX: Obtainedinsight into psychiatric care and medications.

    Adult Health I- Hospital, The Woodlands, TX: thorough head to toe assessments, blooddraws, IVP medications, compression stockings, shadowed respiratory therapy,administered breathing treatments, patient education.

    Maternity- Hospital, Houston, TX: L&D, Nursery, Post-Partum. Assistedwith vaginal birth, observed c- section, urinary catheter insertion (female),post-partum assessment, post-operative incision care, nursery care of newborn.

    Clinical Concepts-Hospital, Houston, TX: Med/Psychunit. Performed vital signs, practicefive rights of medication administration, NG tube feedings and placement check,bed baths, hygiene assistance, occupied and unoccupied bed making, bedsidecommodes, positioning, lifting and transfer.

    Other Work Experience

    [FONT=MS Mincho]AdministrativeAssistant Company [FONT=MS Mincho]02/2007 to 02/2008

    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Developed Proficiency in MicrosoftExcel, Word, Power Point and Outlook.

    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Developed and maintained records oncompany database ensuring accuracy.

    [FONT=MS Mincho]Student Intern Company [FONT=MS Mincho]01/2006 to 05/2006

    l [FONT=MS Mincho]Advanced knowledge on domesticviolence, women in crisis, and formed compassionate caring and relationshipbuilding skills.

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    When I uploaded this post some things got jumbled together.
  5. by   joanna73
    I would remove your objective statement. It takes up unnecessary space, and as a new grad, they know what your objective is. Also, I would remove basic clinical skills such as transfers and bed making. Takes up space, and every nursing student has to learn basic skills. That won't set you apart at all. Was there something outstanding or especially interesting that you learned at one of these placements you could highlight instead?
  6. by   JennypennyBsn
    Thank you for your advice!