Picc Line Placement Training

  1. I would love to learn how to place PICC lines once I finish my BSN. But I was wondering is there a minimum amount of experience you must have as an RN before you seeK training and do have to have alot of hospital experience because I hated working the floor. And lastly, is the hospital the only place where you can get training?
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  3. by   cutepuppies
    Hi - as I understand it, the hospital is not the only place to get training, but probably one of the best places. I looked online at www.medtexx.com and I found that they have some one day training courses...take a look and see if they offer it in your area. Most of my friends, if they needed it, were trained on the job.

    Good luck!
  4. by   momdogz
    The standard is to be competent in basic PICC placement using ultrasound and modified seldingers technique, and be able to place 5 PICCS independently under supervision. Our IV team has been training folks to place them for years, and I can guarantee that you won't be competent after a one day course.

    A hospital is definitely the best place to train - you'll get much more experience, and you'll be working with real patients - not just phantom arms!
  5. by   LPN30
    thx momdogz. I figured that was the best place but I just didn't know if I could get hired after a course and get further training while on the team or what. I dont want to have to start out as a unit nurse or something. All I want to do in a hospital is place PICCs.
  6. by   momdogz
    Are you wanting to get hired into a facility that already has a PICC team? That would be the best. There can be much troubleshooting with PICCs - mostly after you place them, but some with the actual insertion, too. It would be really hard to start a new PICC program if you were just beginning and there was no one there to support you. Plus, you need to have a champion or two in the facility you're wanting to work in; in infection control, radiology, billing and compliance, purchasing.....

    If you can, try to get hired into a facility that already has a PICC team. Also - is it in your scope of practice in your state?
  7. by   LPN30
    Thats what I want to do. Get on with a team thats willing to teach me. Its not in my scope. Im an LPN- BSN student.
  8. by   momdogz
    Go for it! and an early congrats on your BSN. Vascular access is a great field to get into.