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I want to be a nurse but in case it doesn't work out for me.... I would like a career where I will always have a job despite whether the economy is bad or good. I would love a career helping others and with great pay. Are there... Read More

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Honestly- anyone who can repair cars with some skill has a recession-proof job. Don't know about you- but my mechanic IS in a helping profession IMHO.
    Well unfortunately auto mechanics isn't recession proof, either. My husband just got out of that field. You would think that people always need their cars repaired, however if people don't have the money, they end up walking, taking the bus or riding their bikes to get where they need to go.
    I don't think any profession can have all positives all the time. It's just not how life works.

    On the other hand, I did like the idea of multiple professions in different fields to balance out your lifestyle =) very smart!

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    Dental technician. They make dentures and retainers. Only like 5% job growth according to BLS but they exist for sure. Pay is like 35-40k.
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    Oh, also funeral director. Only a 2 year degree, you can do it all online at SPC. Just have to find a funeral home to do clinicals if you don't live close to tampa area. Starting pay is 55k ish. You can work either as the guy who meets with families or as the embalmer. Both are scopes of a funeral director.
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    I just landed a job as an RN supervisor at a blood bank. I LOVE it. I get to interact with a very well population, working for a company that provides a service and a product that will NEVER not be needed in a bad economy: blood! However, in the last employee meeting, the CEO talked about how with the dip in the economy, hospitals were negotiating contracts for our product for a lower fee. That meant less revenue. He mentioned how the only place to trim the fat is in personnel. EVERYONE freaked out. However, the company went through an affiliation with a larger national blood bank that wanted to expand their presence in southern California. So we all kept our jobs and the company got more money to funnel into more positions to support the merger!

    Nursing is hard to break into and the climate isn't what it was 15 years ago where a nurse could walk into a hospital and get a job. But once you get a job, you really won't be with out work. Everyone will hire an experienced nurse. Consider nursing and know that there are other ways to be a nurse than working at the bedside with acutely ill patients. Jobs like mine that is a business, though a not-for-profit, but one that provides a service and a product that needs nurses to oversee. So keep on thnking about it. Floor nursing isn't the end-all-be-all of the profession.

    And don't forget to donate blood!

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