NYP Nursing Career Battery (exam)

  1. HI!

    I recently applied for a few positions at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Two days later I received an email that stated my application was 'received' with a request to take the nursing career battery exam. Has anyone else ever had this with Columbia-Presbyterian? What I really want to know is if this email is an automated response that every nurse who applies receives or have I already gotten past some (abstract) point in the pre-screening at which they have deemed me worthy (lol) of taking this battery, er exam?

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  3. by   Tnyce
    Been there 9 years and never heard of that.
  4. by   Whoatemyburger
    I also took the same rest . I interviewed on the phone. Now I have an interview in a couple of weeks with HR and Nursing Director . I think is a good sign that they contacted you . They don't get back to just everyone since their application pool is very large . Good lucky!!!
  5. by   KLW96
    After you meet with the directors what was the next step
  6. by   marianne1624
    Being invited to take the Battery Exam is a good sign, it shows that they are interested in you and may want to take it to the next step. Very exciting, I hope you were asked to interview!