NYP New Grad Dec 2016 Meet and Greet

  1. I signed up for New York Presbyterian's Dec 2016 Meet & Greet. I was later contacted and had a phone interview. When I was on the phone, the woman I was speaking to said it would be Dec 1, 2016 and that I would receive an e-mail with further details. I later received an e-mail from a different Talent Acquisition Specialist with details of where to meet and who I would be meeting with but it says it is on Dec 9th. I was just wondering if anyone else received the same response. I would hate to miss out on this opportunity!!
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  3. by   jchick15

    I also was invited to the meet and greet, and was informed that the interview would be held on Friday, Dec. 9
  4. by   rnbelle915
    I would private message you but I don't have enough posts to do that yet. I was just wondering if you filled out the employment application yet? Did you list your clinical experience or just work experience that you were paid for? I haven't even filled mine out yet because I was nervous I would do it wrong. Please let me know! Thanks!
  5. by   rnbelle915
    Hi, I was just wondering if you attended the meet & greet today? I was a little confused by the event honestly. I thought there would be more people..hopefully I didn't miss anything! Besides the recruiter you interview with, housing rep, and the nurse educators was there anyone else I was supposed to talk to?? Now I'm making myself nervous!! ugh!

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    I also was invited to the meet and greet, and was informed that the interview would be held on Friday, Dec. 9
  6. by   maplesyrup572
    I also went to the meet and greet and I expected alot of new grads interviewing in groups. The whole thing went so fast!!
  7. by   rnbelle915
    I thought it was just me! I felt like I missed something!! Besides your 1 on 1 interview the only other people you could have spoken to were the housing rep & nurse educators right? Sorry to be annoying, I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything. I've been getting myself all worked up thinking that I missed part of the event!! Ugh
  8. by   maplesyrup572
    no no, you're not annoying! I only did my 1 on 1 interview and spoke with the education and housing people! I guess they decided to change the process this year!
  9. by   rnbelle915
    Wow, I feel so relieved now! Did your status online change? Mine now says "future consideration" and I received an e-mail earlier about being a "top candidate" which by the older blog posts I know is a generic one.
  10. by   maplesyrup572
    Yes! Hopefully this is a good sign
  11. by   derpityderpderp
    My status now says "under review". Any one else seeing the same thing?
  12. by   maplesyrup572
    my status still says "future consideration"
  13. by   jchick15
    Sorry for the late response. I, too received an email stating I was a "top candidate" and that status changed to "future consideration."
  14. by   rnbelle915
    Mine hasn't changed since it changed to "future consideration." Did anything else happen with yours?