Nursing positions in BC are mostly casual. Why?

  1. Can someone explain what it is to be a "casual RN" in Canada? Can anyone share some experiences with being a casual RN? Do you get any benefits? Are you paid more? And generally speaking, do you get enough hours? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And why so many casuals in BC? The hospital I am applying to in BC has 87 RN positions, and 80 of those are " casual" yikes!!!

    Thank you!

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  3. by   just4
    I guess I am late to respond but this may help others. In a casual position the employer does not have to pay benefits and gets to try out your competence without committment. Personally I insisted on a full time position when I entered the BC nursing workforce, but I was in a specialized field (ICU with a Bac) so I am more in demand and able to negotiate. I have signed up in other hospitals for casual work because sometimes I want to make some extra money, but obviously I much prefer to work overtime at my hospital since it is paid double. ICU casual work seems to be in high demand and I often turn down work assignments.