Nurse Re-entry/Refresher

  1. Hello!

    I would be grateful for any advice you provide. I'm signed up to take a refresher course and clinical over the next few months which would activate my lisence.

    Since I graduated nursing school I have been working in the Pharma/Research sector and not as a clinical nurse so I would be working for my first ever clinical nursing job. The job was great but I feel that now is the time to pursue clinical nursing and I truly regret not doing it sooner.

    Do you think I have a chance?

    Where do I start? Has anyone made a similar transition?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   jnyptc
    Hi, I'm curious to see how it's going. I, too, went into pharmaceutical sales after working in the hospital for 5 years. I'm considering a re-entry program, but it's been 20 plus years for me since I've been in the hospital. What did you decide to do?