Nurse Practitioner Pay vs RN

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    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some answers on this topic. I want to go to graduate school and I'm looking into NP and CRNA programs. The NP program is much more favorable to me because it is much less intense than the CRNA program. I have 3 small children and I don't want to miss out on their lives for two years if I choose the CRNA route. My question is about the pay. I know it's about the work and not just the pay but it is a factor if I'm paying for school and taking 2-3 years of my life for it. When I look up the pay for RN's and CRNA's on or, the pay is almost identical😦 I live in Florida. Can someone clarify this for me? It doesn't make sense.

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    I am a NP in the southeast. My starting NP salary was around 77,000. That was supposedly after taking into consideration my 12 year RN background.
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    Hbp1, is this pay higher than what you were getting as an RN?
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    I guess the pay is different according to the areas. I can only say my brother has been an RN since 07 BSN and then went to a CRNA program and graduated last year and his current salary is over 100,000. So I guess it depends on the company, experience and location.

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