Not working as a nurse need refresher in OH

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    I received my RN in 2010, and did not look for a nursing position right away. When I did start looking I was so far removed from my clinical experience that job offers have been non-existent. What the nurse recruiters in the area said to me was "...your resume is great but my nurse managers want experience." (Understood in my current career I would not hire a chemist with no experience two years out of school, over those just graduating or with prior experience). Anyway, I have since returned to school to complete my BSN in hopes that it will help secure a nursing job...this time I think I'm really ready for a career change. But I do not feel that it will put me back where I was a few years ago. I have been reading up on nurse refresher courses and would like to know if anyone has attended any nurse refresher course in the Cleveland, OH area and how are they and any suggestions?

    Any help is welcomed, thank you.
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