Newly licensed nurse needs resume help!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I just passed NCLEX! :-) And now I need to find a nursing job.... so I've attached my resume and would really appreciate any feedback you have, both good and bad!!! Please be honest! Any suggestions out there, advice on what to add, good links would be greatly appreciated!

    I've changed the names of schools and hospitals for privacy.....

    Thank you!!


    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree candidate, ABC University (Expected December 2013)
    • Diploma in Nursing, ABC School of Nursing (2010-2013)
    • Associates Degree in Nursing, ABC University (2010-2011)
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, ABC University, Wilkes-Barre, PA (1990-1994)

    Qualifications / Skills

    • Experienced in working with geriatric, medical-surgical, telemetry, pediatric, obstetric, mental health and ICU populations.
    • Extensive practice in dispensing oral and parenteral medications and measuring insulin using sliding scales.
    • Practiced in inserting Foley catheters.
    • Skilled in caring for patients with tracheotomy tubes, JPEG, NG/OG and chest tubes.
    • Proficient in caring for patients on mechanical ventilation.

    Professional Experience
    Certified Nursing Assistant, Somewhere Hospital, Some City, State (May 2011 - Present)

    • Assess, monitor and record daily vital signs and weights.
    • Monitor patients' blood sugar levels and input and output levels.
    • Provide denture care, hygiene care and Foley Catheter care.
    • Assist patients with activities of daily living.
    • Assist patients with ambulation, transferring using mechanical lifts, and ROM exercises.
    • Collect specimens as needed for required medical tests.
    • Provide basic care and comfort such as changing beds, assisting with toileting and ensuring patients' safety needs are met.

    Capstone Internship (Telemetry/Orthopedics), Somewhere Hospital, Some City, State (January 2013 - February 2013)

    • Provided care for patients on telemetry/orthopedic/trauma floor, was responsible for up to 5 patients per shift.
    • Successfully inserted five peripheral intravenous lines.
    • Consulted and coordinated with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care.
    • Received and handed off reports to nurses at beginning and end of shifts.
    • Proficient in writing SBAR notes, documenting information in patients' charts, performing focused assessments on patients, and monitoring lab work on multiple patients.

    Clinical Rotations
    Home Health Care Services, ABC Home Care (September - November 2012)
    ICU, Somewhere Hospital (May - July 2012)
    Pediatrics, Somewhere Hospital (September 2011)
    Maternity, Somewhere Hospital (October 2011)
    Psychiatric, Somewhere Hospital (November 2011)
    Medical/Surgical, Somewhere Hospital (May - July 2011)
    Telemetry, Somewhere Hospital (January - March 2011)
    Geriatrics, Somewhere Hospital (September - November 2010)


    • Registered Nurse, Pennsylvania - License # XXXXXXXX
    • Certified Nursing Assistant, Registration # XXXXXXXX
    • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS) Certification 2012 to present
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