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Newish RN with new back injury - help! - page 2

I'm a relatively 'new' RN (~2 years experience) with a back injury (herniated disc) I acquired from an on the job injury. I'm being treated for it through work and have no complaints about that - I... Read More

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    Unfortunately I have a similar story. I went back to work (med-surg) after having a discectomy for a huge L4-L5 herniation. I had horrible pain in my left leg. I lasted 6 months before it happened again and this time the pain was in the right leg. I swear I did no lifting. The doctor said that the whole area was just unstable and being on my feet for 12 hours and bending, etc did it. So I had another discectomy. This one lasted a year and then it happened again. This time it was pain in the middle of my buttocks. I ended up having a fusion of L4-L5. Stupid me, went back to work. After a couple of months I started to have leg pain again. They did an MRI but no herniation. I was sent to pain management. The pain doctor looked at me and said "You need to find a different kind of nursing". I left Med-Surg and went into home health. That was 11 years ago. I ended up loving home care.