new RN off of orientation, advice please??

  1. Dearest Fellow Nurses! First I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me throughout my time of job hunting!! I could not have done it without your support (there are minimal amount of jobs for new grads!!) :redpinkhe

    I had to take a few months off of and was really stressed but I'm back now... I am 2 weeks off of orientation and just wanted to see if anyone had any advice for a new RN at a new job... It is a step down ICU...

    Thanks! :heartbeat
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  3. by   medicrn13
    Your learning does not end with orientation. Just because orientation has ended, does not mean that your education ends.

    Always attempt to learn and see new things. If a person comes into your unit with an illness/device/surgery you've never seen, taken part in or heard of, jump at the chance to assist the primary nurse in whatever way you can.

    Subscribe to a nursing journal, attend conferences, go to continuing education seminars if your hospital offers them. Nursing is a living, breathing profession and is continually evolving and changing. It is your responsibility to evolve and change with it!

    Best of luck!