1. Hey guys! I just started orientation at a LTC/SNF facility and am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Like most RNs at LTC/SNF facilities, I will eventually be left as charge nurse of a unit consisting of 3-5 CNAs and 40 patients. I've heard many stories - both negative and positive - about working in these facilities. Although quite nervous, I'm determined to make it work so that I will end my shifts knowing my patients' needs are taken care of to the best of my abilities. What are some helpful tips for new LTC/SNF nurses? How do you handle admissions, discharge, assessments, treatment plans, meds, documentation, wound care, and management of other staff with so much patients to care for at the same time? What do you personally like to start with when you first get on shift? How long do you usually spend on documentation and charting in one shift? I just want to make sure no mistakes will be made as you all know we worked very hard to get our licenses! Thanks in advance!
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