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Hello everyone, first off I just want to explain my situation. I've been an LPN working in a hospital for 2 years now, just got my RN in July and I got a job in the same hospital I was working in. In... Read More

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    Have you thought about talking to a therapist about your anxiety? I am currently waiting to get into nursing school and working at a job I hate. I am on a wait list at one school and the other schools in my area are lottery style selection. I know for sure I will start nursing school in THREE YEARS when my wait list number is set to come up or I could get lucky in the lottery before that. However, about three months ago when I started this job and realized that I would be working here for about three years if I don't get lucky in the lottery, I developed extreme anxiety and I had never had anything like that before. I started seeing a therapist and after my second session, she really helped me to get my head on straight and feel better. After my fourth visit I felt like me again. I had a better outlook on my situation and I am finally thinking positively again! And, I actually have found things about my job that aren't so bad! I would suggest talking to someone professional, sometimes you just need a stranger to listen and build you up!
    Thanks for all your responses, I am at the end of my orientation and next week I will be on my own. I feel slightly more at ease with the routine, and I am starting to feel less anxious. I actually did see a therapist because I've had anxiety in the past and now it's been ten times worse since I've started this new job lol. So the therapist has definitely helped me already and I've noticed I feel less anxious at work and the days that I'm off. I still feel nervous before going in and when I am unfamiliar with a situation at work. I really appreciate what everyone has posted and I know that I just have to give it some time before I start to feel more confident. I'm taking it day by day for now but it has definitely improved 😄