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New Grad working nights in the ER

  1. 0 Hello fellow nurses! I am looking for some advise on working nights. This will be my first RN position. I will work 3-12s 7pm-7a. I have three kids, two which are in school. I'm having anxiety about 1) staying up 2) when to sleep 3) taking care of my three year old at home . What has worked for you?
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    First, do you have a good support system for your young one?

    Second, if you do a search, there are a lot of tips about working nights.

    They range from having white noise - a fan - when you sleep to food items to eat to keep your energy up.

    Happy searching & good luck!
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    Well I did it!!! I made it thru my first night shift in the ER!!!!! I'm back tonight so with me luck !