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I have been reading through these threads and haven't seen an answer to this question. I know that it is tough to get a new grad RN position and some say they are still looking after a year post graduation. So what happens to... Read More

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    I am a highly frustrated new grad RN living in PA without a job. I recently got hired by a home healthcare agency doing Pediatrics. Will this home care experience count as anything should this unemployment continue for more than a year? What do we do if this situation doesn't change in the coming years? Any help to answer these questions will be highly appreciated.

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    I had the "overqualified" experience. I applied for a unit clerk position and it went well, they gave me training materials, told me I was basically hired, made all sorts of plans for me to start- and then a few days later I came in to volunteer as usual and everyone was looking at me funny- HR had cancelled the hire and sent me a letter saying only "we hired someone else". Everyone on the unit was apologizing to me and felt bad. The fact is, I wouldn't have hired me, knowing that I would only stay in the position until an RN spot opened up. They are looking for people who will stay in the position for 10 years.

    I think the consensus for new grads is: get all of the training and low-level "work" you can find, even volunteering. When things open up, just hope that you are not "old news" compared to the fresh new grads. That or, find another profession, either temporarily or permanently (of course you risk ending up right back where you started with no job). If you find a real RN position in Antarctica, don't waste any time worrying about the cold weather- just say "yes" and go do it for a year or two so that you'll be a real RN and can then move wherever you want. If you really want to be an RN, you have to "dig in" and pursue any possible means of retaining your skills.
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    just thought i would add my name in the hat as well...I have been a licensed RN since Jan 2010 and still have no job. I graduated in 2009. It seems as though, if you don't have a least 1yr exp, no one will hire. I can't get a 1yr exp, if no one hires me.... help please???
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    I think you just have to be willing to take whatever you can get. And try networking as much as you can....faculty, friends of friends....even people on this message board. I got very lucky because I met someone here and got a job. After the interview, I had another potential offer come in for OR nursing in another Province (I'm in Canada). I am relocating for this job, and very happy to do it.

    Aside from myself, I know of friends who either got lucky from someone they met, or they were hired out of their placements. If you are sending resumes, try to follow up. Just sending the resume won't cut it right now.

    Things will start to open up probably by mid year next year, but when you have loans to pay, that's a long time to wait. Good luck to all of you.
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    its been tough out there this year.. I have an friend who is experienced and is also having difficulty finding work..
    go to if you are willing to move I bet you will find one..
    good luck..
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    I've been out of school for 7 months and no job prospects yet. I know I'm losing my skills so I was going to volunteer at the local health fair, and they asked what I am qualified to do, well I'm an RN but i dont feel qualified for anything because I haven't been able to do skills or assessment for so long. Any ideas on how i can start using my skills even without a job?
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    I just spent my first year of nursing in psych, and decided I wanted to get a med/surg job because I wanted something new, something to refresh and keep my skills. I've been to so many interviews and been lied to so many times, that once again, I'm angry with the hospital systems in my area. I feel like cattle, herded into a group interview, told how wonderfully I interviewed, how they love me and that HR will be calling me with a job offer, and then...nothing. Well, not exactly nothing -- an email four weeks later saying I didn't get the job. I've sent thank you notes, called these nurse managers who praised me in order to get feedback...nothing, no feedback whatsoever.

    I just took a job at a facility that does LTC, rehab, and sub-acute. I'll be on sub-acute and get experience with trachs, vents, PICCs, PEGs, and other good stuff. I applied for the company on a Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday, and was offered a job on Thursday. I'm a "the cup's half empty" kind of person, so I'm wondering, are they desperate? But no, all the nurses there were pleasant and no one was rushing around.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't focus solely on hospitals. There are opportunities out there; you just have to be creative in your search. I found my new job on craigslist.
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    Dear "bekindtokittens" Where did you land a job where you will have trachs at the sn level? I work in LTC but the best I get is IV therapy. I feel so cheated not having an acute care experience.
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    Hi everyone. Um i have just recently come across this website and have come to known how much you all help each other well I am in some serious need of help. I have just started attendign SENECA COLLEGE in Ontario, CA and I am doing the RPN..PRACTICAL NUSRING PROGRAM. Though I have attended high school here i did not have the grades to qualify but i went and did the PRE-HEALTH SCIENCES PROGRAM AND BASICALLY WASTED A YEAR WELL I graduated with the gpa of 2.6 and clearly that is not high enough to get in to BScN so i have un-answere questions..
    1. Can a RPN work in pediatrics? b/c i really want to work and help children

    2. And if i do upgrade to a degree will i be able to work in pediatrics? And if so after how long after receiving my diploma in Nursing do i have too wait to apply for my BScN Degree.

    3. Will I be acknowledged as under qualified after receiving my degree in RPN and still have to work under an RN?
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    PREEZ, you can apply in peds as an lpn/lvn. units are still hiring them. At least i see job positions for them. I looked on Oakland Childrens Hospital last night and they had several openings for LVN positions.

    You should start the app position to take your boards before graduation. At least that is true for RN liensure (I am not an lvn).

    I personally think that working your way throught he system: NA to LVN to RN. In hindsight I would have done that. Really need to get decent grades tho because the nursing programs (from what I've heard) are very competitive and hard to get into, even associates programs. If you need extra help, get it, don't be embarrassed. Nursing school is hard work and if you have no medical experience, it is like learning a foriegn language. Good luck and hope this helps.

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