Need advice from aesthetic nurses in CA

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    hi this is my first time posting. i just graduated in december from an adn program and i was lucky enough to get hired at a medical spa! i will be performing botox, laser, and some other cosmetic procedures and i'm really excited!!! i'm a licensed aesthetician and have been in the beauty industry for a number of years so i feel that this will be a good fit for me. i start training in the office this week and i would really appreciate any "pearls of wisdom" from veteran aesthetic nurses. anything from technique, liability insurance advice, to working with doctors etc... i will not be practicing obviously until i pass nclex, my training mainly involves shadowing and studying the procedures and equipment. i called the brn and asked a few questions regarding what i need to know to practice and they told me that any procedure must be practiced under standardized procedure and that i need to document what i am learning, how many hours etc. i know i will learn more about it once i start training but i want to be as well informed as possible and ask the right questions.

    thanks much!
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