Nclex processing times california 2017

  1. I recently moved California after graduationg from my homestate South Carolina.I put in my NCLEX application through Breeze in the beginung of June and untill now the processing times has not changed.Thinking of relocating back to SC because after looking the suject up people said they waited for almost 16 weeks.What do yall recommend?Thank you
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  3. by   shibaowner
    I'm not sure what you are asking. You don't apply for the NCLEX on Breeze. You apply for your RN license on Breeze after you pass the NCLEX. The processing times for the RN license are on the BON website. If you use the livescan (NOT the paper application) you will get your RN license faster. When you submit your RN license application, you can simultaneously request a temp RN license which you should get in about 8 weeks. Please take the time to review the instructions carefully. This is all on the website.
  4. by   Alisa95
    This might sound stupid but I thought for me to di my nclex I have to wait on breeze to approve me
  5. by   shibaowner
    Sorry, it's been awhile since I did this. According to the ncsbn website, you would apply for a Calif RN license and register for the NCLEX thru Pearson VUE at the same time. You have to pay for the NCLEX thru Pearson VUE. I know this can be a bit confusing. I would suggest you talk to someone at your school and also read the instructions carefully for the Calif RN license and also for taking the NCLEX. Your NCLEX review book may also have information. California does take longer than other states. At any rate, the wait time, according to the Calif website, is 8-10 weeks for a temp RN license and 10-12 weeks to get the perm license. Make sure you do livescan! This forum does not like links, so hopefully you can decipher this - go to NCSBN "dot" org and look under "NCEX and other exams" for the instructions..
  6. by   shibaowner
    According to the NCLEX candidate bulletin: "If more than two weeks have passed since you have submitted a registration for the NCLEX and received acknowledgement from Pearson VUE, and you have not received an ATT email, please call Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services at the appropriate number listed on Page 1 of this bulletin." I suggest you download the Candidate Bulletin and read through it carefully. Good luck!
  7. by   bps527
    Quote from Alisa95
    This might sound stupid but I thought for me to di my nclex I have to wait on breeze to approve me
    Don't feel stupid. You are correct. You have to apply through both Breeze and Pearson - Breeze to be approved and obtain eligibility to take your NCLEX and Pearson for the actual test. Once you have obtained eligibility by meeting CA guidelines, the state notifies Pearson VUE, and you receive an email with your ATT. The CA processing time frame is 10-12 weeks, which they begin after receiving all of your paperwork (i.e. application, fingerprints, transcripts) - it takes forever.

    My recommendation would be to apply within your home state or where you received your degree because the board automatically gets notified that you're qualified (in-state) once you've graduated. Some of us received our ATT within weeks of graduation in May, whereas those who applied through California are still sitting ducks. If you have a job waiting for you in CA, stay and just apply for your license in SC. You can take your test wherever there is a Pearson testing center. So, there's no need to move if you don't have to. Once you've obtained your license you can endorse it in CA, which doesn't take as long, especially if your employer rubs some elbows with the BON and puts a rush on it.