Murfreesboro, TN VA Hospital- How is it? Murfreesboro, TN VA Hospital- How is it? | allnurses

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Murfreesboro, TN VA Hospital- How is it?

  1. 0 I am a new RN with BSN and have currently been working at the Nashville, TN VA for 6 months. However, I have been thinking about transferring to the Murfreesboro VA to save money on gas long-term, as I am looking to stay with the VA permanently. I haven't heard the greatest things about Alvin C. York in the past, but these have been broad statements and nothing very specific. I was hoping someone who has worked there may stumble upon this thread and be able to lend some insight. I know it is psych-heavy but I'm hoping to go with a med-surg floor. I'm interested in knowing about nurse to patient ratios, staff morale, and tech support. I appreciate any info! Thanks.