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  1. I plan on moving to the DC area somewhere around Aug 2013. At that time I will have had a total of 2 years RN experience and 1 year and 4 months on the telemetry unit. I will be moving from the Duke Health System network and was wondering what to expect in pay. I would love a simple comparison of all the DC area hospitals but of course that is not possible. Anyone with some advice on not only pros and cons but also average pay for someone with my experience I would love to hear from them! Also if you have any recommendations on areas to live that are affordable with my possible salary. PS I would love to use the metro for transportation but I do have a car if need be. I am a young single professional just looking for some tidbits of info and advice. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Have you tried or salary comparison . DC salaries are more but depending on where you live , the cost of living is very high 1200 a month for two bd apartment ! .I just moved from maryland after graduation , 20 min from DC Traffic is a pain in DC you definately want to take the metro. My advice start looking into the cost of living in the surrounding areas then figure what is the minimum you would accept .